2nd October 2014


Living Lonelyness

This life have become bare, the world is bland and devoid of flavor. these lips are lonely and cracking with despair. i can no longer live in this depressing existence, this has become the epitome of pathetic. i’ve lost all hope for this lifeless time, i need someone to bring back color, love, life, and the flavors of life. 

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28th September 2014


Keeper of Lost Memories

Have you ever lost a piece of time
A set of seconds, minutes, hours?
A gap in memory, no reason or rhyme
The shadow from a unconscious tower
Being cast across our valley of a mind
One minute we are mowing the lawn
The next second winter has come and gone
Time has escaped the realm of reality
Time has escaped its own law of continuity
When time has escaped we loose all control
We will never get back the time that’s gone out the window
Things can never be the same after time escapes
Time escaping can cause us to cry
It can cause us to loose sight of who we are
It can cause everyone to go absolutely crazy
When we all go crazy and the world starts to burn
The clock of humanity can then reset
And with the same reset button time will begin
And we will all have control over ourselves
And once again time will turn, but i will be there with a new yearn for finding those gaps in time so I can collect them and become a being completely obsessed with time, and when you loose those memories and seconds, minutes, hours, I’ll have them all for myself. I’ll bathe in the worlds lost memories, and I’m waiting to be washed in an eternity of time.

27th September 2014


The truth of Fear

I awoke to the rising sun
But tonight I do not sleep
I fear tomorrow may not come
And I’ll forever be left to weep
Over friends I’ve lost
And loved ones past
The terrors I’ve watched
Will forever last
Burned into my head
And my eyes will run dry
From my life becoming dead
And no reason left to cry
I don’t think again
About my choice
They’ve died in vain
They no longer have a voice
As the ones who loved me
They now are gone away
But soon I’ll be free
And join them one day

27th September 2014


The world has its tests.

We find peace and comfort in the war mother nature leads against humanity with bullets of water and she will test our limits evermore

3rd December 2012

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Mental fires

{mental fires}

This judgmental world must see
All the twisted things in me
And this enraged state of hate
Has the world sealed it’s fate?

{We will shatter the ties that bind
And fuel the fire in our minds
The one that shows us all the path
To escape our once lost pasts}

To escape this torment soon
We run for miles under the moon
To a place where no one lives
And All my love for you I’ll give

When I’ve lost myself, in your eyes
I’ll understand that these grey skies
Have met their untimely end
An angel to me?, did He send?

{We will shatter the ties that bind
And fuel the fire in our minds
The one that shows us all the path
To escape our once lost pasts}

To escape this torment soon
We run for miles under a moon
To a place where no one lives
And All my love for you I’ll give

17th August 2012


Something i wrote one day and just found…..

As the blade peirces the skin

I can feel the pain of my sin
The darkness settles in
And my after life begins!
The way we used to be
So happy you and me
Now I say ”may death befall thee”
And finally set me free
Happiness is so far
Darkness has set a high bar
And you left me scarred
As a child in the seat of a car
Locked in for saftey
Hope gone as a bird set free
For I fear the depths of me
Are darker than the darkest eternity
No where to run
This darkness is becoming fun
Future happiness I shun
My feelings are becoming numb
I’m stiff in state of mind
A smile is hard to find
My thoughts are blind
The autograph of darkness has been signed
Before my eyes close
I see something just under my nose
As clear as music from bose
I grab my clothes
A shinning ray
Clear as a mid summer day
The one to bring hope, I pray
And then I hear a voice say
Nice to meet you
I ask you are who?
she replies I am the jewl
To what, this information is new??
She says to your happiness
I laugh and say its only dark
She says to your happiness
I laugh and say its only darkness
When she smiles I feel weightless
What is this new shameless
Feeling I enjoy
I say oh boy!
I feel so much joy
A girl?! Talking to this boy??
I become enlighted to see
The way its supposed to be
Oh how wonderous is she
To show this to me
Then a turn for the worse
I return to my curse
As she grabbed her purse
And I was too sick to get a nurse
I decide to embrace
All the rushing hate
I fear this is fate
And i get a taste
Of what is inside
All of us and I find
That my head is intertwined
With what has taken my mind
I take the knife and stab away
Like a adolesent at play
Showing them all the way
And for darkness they should pray
And as the blade pierces her skin
I feel the joys of my sin
The darkness settles in
My true life now begins.

13th August 2012

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When we are young we all find our dreams and our passions. As we grow older and we watch others around us act in different ways we sell away our dreams and passions just to fit in. Life and love is about finding that someone who helps you remember those dreams and supports you until you reach them.

25th July 2012

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24th July 2012

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  • People at my school: ew what are you listening to is that even music
  • People at my school: why are they screaming so much are you like satanic
  • People at my school: are you like emo or something why do you like that
  • People at my school: why are the lyrics so depressing are they emo too
  • People at my school: why do they dress like that ew
  • People at my school: ew
  • People at my school: like omg drake and lil wayne omg YOLO YOLO YOLO
  • Me: i wonder if i can kill all of you with this pencil..

24th July 2012

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